Short time ago I’ve made a couple of new high-detailed battleship models for the “Lord Inquisitor” short 3D animation and, in order to not spoil you enjoyment , I’ll fully show them in this blog only once the trailer (or teaser) will be officially released on 11.11.11 (effective date indeed!) according to Erasmus Brosadau’s schedule.

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Inquisition Battlebarge

From “The Lord Inquisitor” full 3D animation (www.thelordinquisitor.com), the modified version of the “Eternal Crusader” battlebarge (now Inquisitor Coteaz battlebarge). Additional model details (displacement maps and cathedral models on the upper bridge), texturing, lighting and rendering by Erasmus Brosdau (kudos to you mate for the fantastic work :)).

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Eternal Crusader battlebarge

The High Marshal himself has his own personal Battle Barge, the Eternal Crusader, a huge vessel that is the spiritual home of the entire Chapter and contains its most sacred relics, chapels, and reliquaries. It has been expanded and refitted many times and can currently hold twice as many Space Marines as a normal battle […]

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“The Lord Inquisitor” short CG animation

I’ve taken a break from the Black Templars Grand Cruiser modeling work cause I’ve started a new project for “The Lord Inquisitor” short CG animation movie by Erasmus Brosdau (please, follow and support that awesome work at the official blog site http://www.thelordinquisitor.com/ or facebook page http://www.facebook.com/The.Lord.Inquisitor). Inquisitor Coteaz flagship needs escort vessels so you’ll see a Grey Knights Strike Cruiser […]

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